Welcome !


So you want to learn French ? You have come to the right place !


I can offer you French as foreign language courses including the principles of coaching, “flipped classroom” (student driven classes) as well as a customized program that will fit your particular needs.


Why my program ?


Maybe you’re having a hard time to motivate yourself, yet you really want to reach a good level in French ?

Maybe you don’t even know where to start ? Perhaps, you’re very busy at your job, your studies or with family, with so many excuses you need to find someone to coach you.

My program will be very helpful for you and here is how. I will give you the key to success to be able to manage your French learning process and to reach your goals thanks to my experience and my proven method.


I will be your teacher, your coach and your consultant (and maybe sometimes your worst nightmare ;-)) !


How can learning language online be beneficial ?


You don’t need to waste time commuting some place = save valuable time !

You can comfortably sit at home on your couch or at your desk with a cup of coffee or juice = comfort !

You have the opportunity to study where you want and when you wants: at home, at the office while on your lunch break, on a business trip or on vacations = flexibility !